Top 2 Types of Layered Hairstyles with Medium Length

Medium length layered hairstyles become the most popular choice for girls. Besides looking simple, they can still show girly sense by this hairstyle look. Besides that, having hair with medium length makes you easier for treating it.

Well, actually there are some types of this hairstyle. You can choose the suitable one with your passion. Do you want to know those types? If you want to know them, keep reading below! Here are some types of medium length layered hairstyles.


Classic is the first type of its hairstyle. How to get this style? For having this style, of course you should have straight hair. Well, first of all, you can let your hair growing with medium length. If you have longer hair, you can cut it through grazing cut style till your shoulder length. The right length is just past your shoulders.

After that, you can give a tiny bit of layering snipped into the ends vertically. Your hair will look like long hair but it is without the upkeep. You also will not get stringy look. Well, Tommy Buckett, a hairstylist from Mary Robinson salon in New York, said that this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes.

Soft and Wavy

You can try soft and wavy style for your medium length layered hair. Like classic style, you also have to get hair with medium length. After that, you can give little different look by waving it. For having wavy look, you have to apply mousse to damp hair. Then, you can get blow dry. Last, curl it random for some pieces of your hair.

Well, this style is also matched for all face shapes. It has enough length to your thick hair. Besides that, it will not make your hair looks wimpy. Finally, those are all some types of medium length layered hairstyles.

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