Fabulous Updo Hairstyles For Black Women You Should Try Today

Fabulous updo hairstyles for black women you should try today – Attending a special event, such as birthday party, wedding reception, or Christmas dinner party, needs special appearance. Beautiful hair updo and a striking dress will make your appearance looks more attractive and special.

However, choosing the right updo for black women can be a bit complicated. Your unique and natural curly hair needs more styling than other types of hair. If you are looking for easy to doupdo hairstyles for black women, here are some hairstyle updo ideas that you can try at home.

Simple Updo for any occasions – If you do not have enough time to create an intricate beautiful updo, this simple updo for black women will be one of your choices. This simple hairstyle is very elegant and can even be perfect for a bride. It is suitable for a woman with any face shapes. It is more suitable for smooth textured hair in any length.

To create it, you must smooth your hair with the right products. Once you smooth it, you must part your middle front hair in u-shape section. Smooth your remaining hair into a French roll. After that, use gold barrel curling iron to create ringlets on middle front hair you parted previously. Spray your updo with hairspray to maintain its look.

Simple elegant bun for black women – Arranging your hair into a bun is one of the popular updo hairstyle alternatives for formal occasion. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for medium length and long hair. It is more suitable for smooth textured hair. You may need to smooth your hair first to get maximum result. First of all, part out your bangs from the entire hair. Use a flat iron to straighten your bangs and arrange it into side swept bangs. Smooth your hair back into high ponytail.

After that, use a donut stuffer and wrap your hair around the donut stuffer to create a firm bun. For additional style, use loose hair extension. Plait it and wrap around your bun. Pin it into place. Spray this hair updo hairstyles for black women with hairspray.

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